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Diligent Exterior Remodeling saves you time and the hassle of calling different providers and waiting for multiple return calls. Our experience and knowledge will allow all your outdoor systems to function together to make for a more reliable and long‐term dependability for your home. Plus, you only have to make one phone call to have all your exterior home services taken care of!

Yes, our estimates are easy and hassle‐free. Contact us today to schedule your estimate. We offer both virtual and in-home estimates for most services including siding, roofing, windows, and doors in Montgomery County, Frederick County, NW DC and surrounding areas.

Often homeowners ignore their roof until water is leaking in the house! It’s better to have your roof professionally inspected for any damage or repair issues before it’s too late. Some areas as professional roofers that we can see and look for from on top of the roof:

  • Roof’s Age – the material of your roof can determine how long your roof will last and once on top, a professional can see how it is holding up or if it’s time for a replacement
  • Flashing – without actually being on the roof it’s hard to see if seals around vents, skylights and chimneys need any repairs
  • Mold – mold signals moisture, which is damaging to your roof, and can add more damage if it leaks inside the home
  • Damaged Shingles –all shingles should be flat against the roof without any cracks or damage to avoid water getting trapped

Instead of patching the problem for a quick fix, it’s best to replace drafty windows and doors. Installing new, more energy efficient windows and doors, will use less energy, make you feel more comfortable in your home, and can help save money on your utility bill!

Gutters are meant to move water away from the house to protect the foundation, prevent basement floods, wall damage, and even insect infestation. If your gutters are clogged and the water doesn’t move away your home, the foundation can weaken over time, and moisture can enter your home. Standing water can attract mosquitoes. It’s best to keep your gutters clean and working properly to avoid any of these problems.

Evolve Stone is the perfect solution. Not only does Evolve Stone have the beauty of real stone, but it can be installed quickly. The installation is faster than real stone and mortar, so no worrying about long projects when your hectic life needs your focus elsewhere! With different sizes and colors available, you won’t need to sacrifice on your project either.

The way the siding looks and knowing the material of your siding can determine when you should consider replacing it. Certain materials can last longer than others. We would be happy to take a look at your siding to evaluate how it is holding up.

Even if your siding appears in good condition, if you feel drafts inside your home near walls and windows, or around electrical outlets these are signs that your siding might need an upgrade.